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We are Dr.Larissa GALLA and Dr.Octavian GALLA.

We are originally from Romania, and in April 2007 we moved to the United Kingdom along with our Bull Terriers.
We have settled down in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.
Together we own a small but very enthusiastic, BULL TERRIER kennel registered as:
under F.C.I. and VETSBULLIES under English Kennel Club.

The first contact I have ever had with BULL TERRIERS was in 1998, and ever since I was completely bewitched by this amazing English breed. What facinated me about BULL TERRIERS, was their guise (especially their egg-shaped head and truly varminty expression) and also their extraordinary temperament.
1998 was the year when
I literally started reading all articles and magazines, about the breed , that I could get my hands on, also I started attending to dog shows, where I met BULL TERRIERS owners and breeders.

My first BULL TERRIER, which was a gift from my wife, Larissa, was bought at the beginning of 2002. Our first BULL TERRIER is a female, called Bubba, which was, is and will be, the most important BULL TERRIER for us, as she had been our first BULL TERRIER.

Our aim is to breed for temperament, type and health and also as closely to the BULL TERRIER Breed Standard as possible. We do believe in all these when we decide to breed!

So, if you are interested in new pictures of our dogs, our next planned litter, new show results… do not hesitate to visit our web-site.
Also, if you are interested to know more information about our BULL TERRIERS, or about this unique breed, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail and we shall try to reply you as quickly as we can.

Thank you for visiting our web-site and do not hesitate to visit us again.

Larissa & Tavi



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